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Pilot-scale Equipment of Spray Dryer

Working Principle:
The material slurry from the storage tank is filtered and pumped into the high-speed centrifugal disc, through which the slurry is throw out of the verge of disc by centrifugal force and formed into tiny atomizing droplets. In the meantime, hot air is blown into the spray tower by the blower and distributed by the air distributor, carrying out heat transfer with the spread droplets so as to accomplish the drying process. Some of the dried product fall down on the bottom of tower while the other part enter the cyclone along with the tail gas and is removed through cyclone. The clean off-gas is then vented to atmosphere.  

---short in drying time
---Instant in drying process, capable to dry materials sensitive to heat.
---Easy in operation, capable to meet quality requirements of a lot of products.
---Simple in process flow, high in automation level.
---Able to carry out experiments with different atomizing discs to provide basis for design.
---It owns complete testing and controlling methods to record and process experimental data effectively.

---Evaporation rate:5kg/hr
---Air inlet temperature:0-300℃
--- Installed power:12kw
---Body diameter:1.25m

Test Center
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