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Test Bench of Inert Particle Fluidized Bed Dryer

Working Principle:
As an updated generation of conventional fluidized-bed, the fluidized bed of inert particle carrier is able to handle the special materials. The inert particle can not only function as the carrier for liquid membrane, but also as the heat-transfer medium. The hot air enters the bottom of bed, making the inert particle keep a state of violent fluidization so as to result in a good spread of material liquor and a uniform coating on the surface of particle. Through heat transfer between the hot air and inert particles, the liquid membrane is dried. Due to crash between the particles, the dried liquid membrane is crushed and removed from the particles and carried out by the gas, being separated by cyclone to form the final product.

1. It can be used in drying material in form of liquid, suspension or paste.
2. Drying and crushing material can be completed at the same time.
3. Drying intensity in volume is high and the test bench is small in size.
4. A large variety of experiments in particle carrier or in agitation can be accomplished on it.
5. It owns advanced controlling and monitoring methods to record and process data effectively.

Bed layer diameter:0.3m
Air inlet temperature:0~300
Installed power: 6.75 KW

Test Center
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