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Test Bench of Spin Flash Dryer

Working Principle:
The raw material is homogenized in the feed tank with a vertical agitator. Tangentially directed hot air together with vertical rotary disintegrator provides optimal distribution and disintegration of feed. The product is separated by the exhaust bag filter system. The larger ones return to the chamber to be disintegrated and dried continuously, until they achieve the desired moisture content. They will be discharged from the chamber with the hot air and collected in the separator.

In the dyer no dilution or beating of wet material is required during feeding. This simplifies technology and reduces energy consumption. Drying and crushing are integrated and realized simultaneously providing quick drying and pulverization of paste, filter cake and muddy materials.
The system is characterized by short heat and mass transfer time and high drying rate, and is suitable for drying of thermal sensitive material.
It has significant drying intensity, high thermal efficiency and small equipment volume.
The dryer is convenient and easy for installation and maintenance.
Mechanical mixing, air flow rate and hot air distribution are optimized. Special feeding device is used.

Material to be dried:
1. Fine chemical industry:magnesium (aluminium), three (binary) base lead sulfate, molecular sieves, 4(3)A zeolite, black carbon, dibasic acid, carmazine, silica gel, stearate, each kind of carbonate, heavy metallic salt, etc.
2. Dye:dye and intermediate:phthalein blue, ferric oxide red (yellow,black), ultramarine, direct black, freeze yellow G, anthraquinone, H acid, J acid, DSD acid, etc.
3. Pesticide and intermediate:TMTD, insecticides, atrazine, pesticides, antiseptics, etc.

Technical Parameters:
type of test bench:GSX-300
column body diameter:Ф300
rated evaporation value:40kg(H2O)/h
installed power:10.7 KW
air inlet temperature:120~250℃
heating source:electrical heater 37 KW

Test Center
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