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Test Bench of Supercritical Technology



Extracting kettle

Separating kettle

Distilling column

HP pump

Refrigerating, heat-exchanging/insulating system

CO2 storage tank

Filtering/cleaning system

Flow rate and temperature monitoring system

Pressure regulating/safeguarding system



Extracting volume0.5L100L

Extracting pressure3550MPa

Separating pressure45 MPa

Working temperature2085

Applied materials


In pharmaceutical industry: extraction and purification of active substances from Chinese or western medicine, concentration and refinement of raw material, extraction of garlic oil, Heartleaf Houttuynia Herb, curcuma oil;

In food industry: extraction of hops, caffeine removal from coffee bean, extraction of fish oil, extraction and purification of DHA and EPA;

In cosmetics and perfume industry: separation of natural perfume from the synthetic perfume, refinement of rose essential oil, alkaloid removal from tobacco;

In chemical industry: distillation of hydrocarbon, extraction of residual oil, separation of azeotropic mixture. 

Test Center
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