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Test Bench of Super-heated Steam Technology



Screw conveyer

Discharging valve

Internal heating fluidized-bed dryer


Electrostatic precipitator



Process Flow Description:
It is mainly used in multi-effect overheat-steam pre-drying system and process for lignite. It includes multi-stage drying units in series, including feeding system, discharging system and at least one-stage dust removing device for every stage drying equipment. At the tail end of dust removing device, partial off-gas is transferred back to this stage drying unit by pressurizing equipment while the other tail gas is transferred to the next stage drying unit as the heating source. The first stage drying unit is connected to the steam header. In the last stage of drying unit, the dust removal device transfers partial tail gas back to its stage drying system by pressuring equipment and the clean off-gas is vented to atmosphere.
Test Center
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