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Thermal Analysis Instrument


Instrument Name



2D particle image velocimetry


Particle image velocimetry (PIV) is an optical method of fluid visualization. It is used to obtain instantaneous velocity measurements and related properties in fluids. Along with the development of optical, mechanical and electronic technology and digital image processing as well as computer technology over the past two decades, PIV has become a highly-developed apparatus widely used to calculate fluid velocity information.


High-speed camera

CamRecord 1000C

Image sensor: high-speed CMOS sensor, white-black/color (Bayer model) optional. Resolution: 1280*1024 pixel (full-HD) . built-in high-speed memory: 4GB.

Effective photosensitive area: 15.36mm*12.29mm/12μm*12μm;

Sensitivity: 1600digit/lux*s@550nm(white-black)50ASAcolor;

Shot/shift efficiency: full-size shutter, 1μs exposure time/>99.9%;

PIV frame interval: 200ns

Window signal: TTL, switch, rising or falling verge, image change;

Synchronous Mode: internal synchrony and external synchrony;

Interface: Gigabit Ethernet or IEEE1394a (FireWare).


Infrared moisture analyzer


Based on the construction of electronic scale, multi-purpose infrared moisture analyzer is integrated with metal heating elements and controlled by single-chip CPU in terms of electromagnetic balance and infrared heating techniques. It is compact in size and powerful in functions, easy in operation and reliable in quality. It can be calibrated for weighing, time and temperature can be adjustable with manual/automation options of heating. The parameters are adjustable as well. Besides, it can be connected with printer or computer to print out the measurement data of 8 parameters. It can be widely used in laboratory or goods-in routine control of pharmaceutical, food, tobacco, grain and chemical industries.

Differential thermal balance controlled by microcomputer


This type of differential thermal balance is the most compact home-made apparatus integrated mechanical and electronic control with less loss of local signal and interference resistance. It has a small-scale heating furnace of thermal inert particle, making sure that the temperature of sample can linearly rise up from the ambient value. Temperature-rising is controlled by software PID of microcomputer, more accurately than hardware one, able to meet all kinds of requirements ranged from trace sample to big one. TG-DTA type can calculate sample as large as that of 200mg (if replacing with the larger thermocouple, the largest one can reach 5g. )  The intelligent soft/hardware design can ensure automatic measurement and curve drawing. The use of software can process normal DTA data and special data such as DTA area calculation, enthalpimetric analysis, dynamic parameters and data comparison.  

High-precision thermostatic water bath

Large size

This instrument is mainly used in keeping high-precision constant temperature or auxiliary heating for hospital, school, factory or research institute. The bath shell is of high-quality cold-rolled steel, plastic-coated. Inside material, cover and shelving plate is of SS steel. U-shape heating pipe is emerged at the bottom to reduce the heat loss. Hard polyurethane is used as thermal insulation between inside component and shell. The temperature-controlling system at the right side of bath is equipped with power switch with indicator. The temperature indicator is high-precision digital readable with adjusting knob, measurement and adjustment switch, red-green signals.  The circuit route is well designed for a more precisely control on temperature.

Data Acquisition/switch unit


The built-in GPIB an RS232 interface three-socket CPU. The internal 6 1/2 digital DMM can scan 250 channels every second. You can choose 8 switch and control plug-in modules. The internal signals can measure thermocouple, RTD, resistance, DC/AC volt and current, frequency and period. Nonvolatile memory can store 50k data and keep data when power is off.  Alarms are available on a per-channel basis with high/low limits as well as 4 TTL output.

Electronic scale


max. weighing limit 3100 g   

actual scale interval 0.01 g

gross weight 0. 3010 g        

measurement reproducibility 0.01 g

linearity± 0.03 g         

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