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Test Bench of Pulsed Fluidized Bed Dryer

Working Principle:
Pulsed air current controlled by an pulsator is supplied to the fluidized bed. At the top of the air distributor wet material meets the air current and becomes fluidized. Moisture is quickly evaporated. A dried product is discharged through a discharge port; waste gas is discharged into the atmosphere by a draught fan after being purified in dust collector.

1. Due to pulsed air supply which provides an impact to the material, unstable heat transfer is formed, so the heat transfer coefficient is effectively increased.
2. The cooling process is carried out continuously to avoid partial overheating during the drying or cooling process.
3. Air pulsations can effectively reduce the material fluidization velocity, ensure good fluidization, and reduce the kinetic energy consumption.
4. Because drying material is transported by stirring, the kinetic energy consumption in the system can be greatly reduced.

Material to be dried:
The dryer is suitable for drying of flakes, spherical and elongated granules, low viscous, non viscous and powder materials; fibrous and mass materials; water-containing crystals and porous loose material, for example: polyester chips, nylon chips, TPU, cocoa, cocoa kernels, peanuts, pine nuts, etc.

Test Center
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