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Rotary Dryer

Working Principle:
Based on the structure of a traditional rotary dryer, steam tube rotary dryer/ calcinator is equippedwith some steam heating tubes inside of the dryer. The heating tubes run through the dryer with pattern of 1 to 5 concentric circle(s), supplying heat needed by drying process. The heating tubes rotate along with the rotary drum. The material entrained in calcinator is lifted and agitated by the heating tubes in the rotary drum. Being dehydrated/calcined by heat from the tubes, the product will move by inclination of the dryer/calcinator from the upper end to the lower one and discharged from the outlet at the lower end. The va...
Working Principle:
Based on the structure of a traditional rotary dryer, SD series of rotary dryers is equipped with a disintegrator inside the dryer, in this way the dryer can break the material as well as improve thermal efficiency. It can be applied to dry conglomerating, washy and sticky materials, pasty materials and even liquid materials. It is widely used in many fields, such as chemical industry, brewing, pharmaceutical industry, fertilizer production, etc. Characteristics: 1. Large drying capacity 2. continuous drying operation with high flexibility 3. because of pulveriz...
Working Principle:
Based on the structure of the traditional rotary drum dryer, the self-cleaning rotary dryer is equipped with a self-cleaning device on the chamber. When material of high moisture content and viscosity enters the rotary drum dryer, it is repeatedly lifted, mixed and dried along with the drum rotations. At the same time, the self-cleaning device cleans the inside wall automatically, and effectively prevents the material against sticking on to the wall. Finally product achieves the required moisture content and is discharged from the rotary drum dryer. The fine powder carried by the hot air and is collected by the dust collector. ...
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