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Paddle Dryer

Brief Introduction: Paddle dryer is a low speed agitating type ofequipment with special fan-shaped hollow paddles which provid continuous indirect heating. It is suitable for drying/cooling pasty, powdery and granular materials. This machine greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency through local stirring, mixing and self cleaning, and guarantees stable quality of the dried material. Additionally, this machine also has the advantages of low off-gas emission and complete removal of the exhaust gas. It is a kind of chemical equipment with high efficiency, low energy consumption and compact structure. Maintenance of the equipment is easy. ...
Process Description Wet sludge is pumped into the primary dryer by sludge pump. Half-dried sludge is fed into the secondary dryer by the discharge valve. After that, the dehydrated sludge enters the incinerator for further disposal. The removed solid waste will be dumped. Steam out of the boiler is the heat source for the secondary dryer, from which the overheated steam can work as the heat source of the primary dryer when it is purified. Steam and Off-gas from the primary dryer pass separately through the scrubber for condensation. The condensate out of the scrubber flows into the waste-water treatment plant and the residue gas is via the blower blown into incinerator and the exhaust wi...
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