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Large-scale Double Mass Vibrofluidized Bed Dryer

Working Principle:
NGLZ large-scale vibrofluidized bed dryer uses double mass resonancetype structure. Inertia exciter and resonance mass make up a resonatingsystem. The ordinary electrical motor drives the gear exciter through gimbals to produce exciting force. The exciting force is enhanced several times by a resonating spring and acts on the mass to fluidize the material. The material is ejected due to the exciting force. At the same time,the hot air is supplied at the bottom of the vibrofluidized bed and penetrates the material layer,so the material particles get in full contact with the hot air jet and an ideal drying effect is achieved.

1. Inertia exciter and resonance mass make up a resonating unit which reduces the power of electrical motor and saves energy.
2. An ordinary electric motor drives the gear exciter through gimbals to produce exciting force, the electric motor does not participate in vibrations and contacts with the bed directly. So the applied temperature of the vibrating bed is increased.
3. Being installed in front of the dryer, the exciter improves the bearing situation of the entire machine, and one resonating vibrating bed can replace several ordinary (single mass) vibrating beds installed in series. So the costs of equipment and project design are reduced. Simultaneously, the advanced vibration structure guarantees that the bed vibrates synchronously in width and in length. It solves the drift and channel problem in an ordinary double electrical motor driven single mass vibrating bed dryer.
4. Being increased in length and enlarged in area, the large-scale vibrofluidized bed greatly prolongs the residence time of material. This is for deep drying of coarse material. At the same time, the application of vibrations and reduction of the fluidization velocity is advantageous to reduce abrasion and to keep original size and shape of the particles.

Material to be dried:
The application field of large-scale vibrofluidized bed:
1. Copolymers and monomers and other organic matter: MBS, ABS, adipic acid, PAM, acrylamide crystal, Teflon, PF resins, nylon 66, polypropylene resins, terylene slices, PVC.
2. Inorganic salt: ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate.
3. Feed industry and fertilizer industry: fermentation feed, puffed pellet feed, organic fertilizers.
4. Waste treatment for environmental protection: wastes and etc.

Technical Parameter:
Specification Area of Screen(m2) Water Evaporation Capacity(Kg/h) Size
(W × L × H) (mm)
Gross Weight
Weight of Vibration(Kg) Power of Vibrating Motor(kw)
NGLZ 9×9 8 300~1800 1380×11000×3900 13000 5000 7.5
NGLZ 9×12 11 400~2400 1380×14000×3900 16000 6000 11
NGLZ 9×15 13 500~3000 1380×17000×3900 19000 7500 11
NGLZ 12×12 14 550~3200 1680×14000×3900 22000 8000 15
NGLZ 12×15 17 700~4000 1680×17000×39000 25500 10000 15
NGLZ 12×18 21 850~4800 1680×20000×3900 29000 12000 18.5
NGLZ 16×15 23 900~5500 2080×18000×39000 36000 14000 18.5
NGLZ 16×18 27 950~6300 2080×20000×3900 41000 16000 22
NGLZ 16×20 30 1000~7000 2080×22000×3900 46000 18000 22
Water evaporation capacity refers to the pure water deprivation capacity when the inlet temperature is 100-300 ℃.

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