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Large-scale Vibrofluidized Bed Dryer

Working Principle:
Vibrofluidized bed is a new technology developed on the basis of static fluidized bed. Mechanical vibration is added on the fluidized bed. Wet material particles enter the air stream and form a fluidized bed. The material is ejected due to exciting force. Vibrations of an air distributing plate incite the fluidization of material particles and the movement of material in the fluidized bed. The fluidized material contacts the hot air and at the same time carries on heat and mass transfer. The dried product is discharged through the discharge port.

1. Uses the advanced vibrofluidization technology, the damage of dried material particle surface is small.
2. Steady movement, good adaptability.
3. Vibrations cause fluidization, the drying air flow rate is reduced, and a few particles are entrained.
4. The material residence time is consistent, product quality is uniform.
5. It is used for the drying of heat sensitive material in short time, such as, the surface water drying of CUSO4·5H2O contained crystal water, MgSO4·7H2O.

Material to be dried:
A: material particles are too big or irregular to be fluidized, B: lower speed of fluidization is required to keep particles complete, C: materials are sticky or sensitive to temperature. It is widely used in many branches of industry: chemical, pharmaceutical, food, plastic, sugar manufacturing, dairy, salt and mining industry, etc.
For example, bluestone, nickel sulfate, granular feed, salt, catalyst, magnesium sulfate, citric acid, monosodium glutamate, boric acid, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, oxalic acid, soluble saccharin, cellulose, organic compound fertilizer, potassium permanganate, bean, sesame kernel, activated carbon, shrimp food, biological chemical fertilizer, organic medicinal powder, seasoning, additive and etc.

Technical Parameter:
Specification Area of Screen(m2) Area of Heat Exchanger(m2) Size (Length×Width×Height)(mm) Gross Weight (Kg) Weight of Vibration (Kg) Power of Vibrating Motor (kw)
GLZ 3×3 0.9 40~220 3300×820×1500 800 650 0.4×2
GLZ 3×4.5 1.35 60~330 4800×820×1500 1000 850 0.75×2
GLZ 4×4.5 1.8 80~440 4800×820×1476 1080 930 0.75×2
GLZ 6×4.5 2.7 120~660 5100×1100×1650 2450 2100 1.5×2
GLZ 6×6 3.6 160~880 6600×1150×2200 2963 2200 2.2×2
GLZ 6×7.5 4.5 200~1100 8100×1250×2200 3340 2400 2.2×2
GLZ 9×6 5.4 240~1320 6600×1500×2200 3350 2500 2.2×2
GLZ 9×7.5 6.75 300~1650 8100×1500×2200 3974 3150 3.7×2
GLZ 12×7.5 9 400~2200 8100×1800×2200 5270 4100 3.7×2
GLZ 15×7.5 11.25 510~2700 8100×2200×2200 5963 4700 3.7×2
Inlet temperature 100~300(℃)
Water separation capability is the capability to removes pure water when the inlet temperature is 100-300℃.

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