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New-type Paddle Dryer

Brief Introduction:
Paddle dryer is a low speed agitating type of equipment with special fan-shaped hollow paddles which provid continuous indirect heating. It is suitable for drying/cooling pasty, powdery and granular materials. This machine greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency through local stirring, mixing and self cleaning, and guarantees stable quality of the dried material. Additionally, this machine also has the advantages of low off-gas emission and complete removal of the exhaust gas. It is a kind of chemical equipment with high efficiency, low energy consumption and compact structure. Maintenance of the equipment is easy.

Working Principle:
As shown in the chart, in the jacket shell body there are two parallel shafts which have interleaved paddles. Each shaft has several hollow fan-shaped paddles which interleave with a certain spacing. There are two kinds of paddles: feed shear plane and return shear plane, the shaft rotates at low speed. A heating medium enters the hollow rotary shafts and paddles through a universal revolving joint. After heat transfer and drying, it is discharged through the revolving joint. The material is continuously fed into the equipment, next it is agitated and mixed near the paddles. At the same time, the material is gradually dried by the heat conduction of paddle and jacket. The height of overflow weir can be changed to adjust residence time. In addition, steam produced in the drying process is discharged through the escape hole with trace amount of air.

1. It adopts conduction type of heat transfer, the heat transfer efficiency is high.
2. The self-cleaning function of the heat transfer surface is good.
3. The product quality is stable.
4. The material loss is small, the product recovery rate is high.
5. The material adaptability is broad, the product is dried evenly.
6. It can combine drying and cooling together.
7. The equipment with compact structure occupies small area.
8. The design is unique, and maintenance of the equipment is easy.

Applied Medium:
steam, hot water, hot oil, cooling water, all kinds of cooling media.

Technical Parameter:
Specification CDB-80 CDB-160 CDB-250 CDB-300 CDB-400 CDB-500 CDB-600 CDB-800 CDB-1000
Steam Water Quantity 4.8 28.8 72 96 151 216 288 528 1057
Diameter of Heat Transfer Axis 80 160 250 300 400 500 600 800 1000
Useful Volume 0.05 0.04 0.16 0.26 0.51 0.89 1.42 3.56 8.08
Heat Transfer Area 0.35 2.1 5.4 7.7 12.4 18.4 25.3 47.2 95.12
Installed Power 0.2 1.5 2.2 3.7 5.5 7.5 11 22 45

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