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Mini Spray Dryer

Working Principle:
Spray drying involves the atomization of droplets in a spray from a liquid feedstock and the droplets contact with hot air in a drying chamber. The sprays are produced by two-fluid nozzle atomizers. Evaporation of moisture from the droplets and formation of dry powder are proceeded on controlled temperature and airflow conditions. Powder is discharged from the drying chamber and mostly is collected by the cyclone separator.

1. Operating conditions and dryer design are determined according to the drying characteristics of the products and powder specifications.
2. The dryer is designed with high efficiency cyclone separator.
3. It is designed for spray drying of small volumes of high value pharmaceutical, chemical and food & dairy production, and is ideal for research and development.
4. It adopts co-current flow drying process and is suitable for drying of heat-sensitive material.
5. It is easy to dismantle for cleaning and product switching.

Material to be dried:
It is highly suited for the continuous production of dry solids in either powder, granulate or
agglomerate form from liquid feedstocks as solutions, emulsions and pumpable suspensions.
1. Chemical industry: hydrated silica, concrete additives, barium sulfate, basic chromic sulfate, alumina, titania, kaolin, ferrite, steatite, carbide, fertilizers, dyes, scouring agents, ACR assistants, latex, water purifiers, resins, plastics, cryolite.
2. Food Industry: dextrin, maltose, albumen powder, vitelline powder, compound sugar, granular grease, instant coffee, amylum, flavors, garden stuff. It is applied in drying of some kinds of liquid material, such as solutions, emulsions, suspensions, liquid pastes, etc.
3. Dairy: skim milk powder, whole milk powder, soy milk powder, ice cream powder, milk extract powder, etc.
4. Pharmaceutical industry: Chinese drugs and western medicine powder, antibiotics, biochemical products, vitamins, pesticides, hydrolyzed proteins, enzymes, single cell proteins, etc.
5. Building material industry: ceramic body, frit, superfine powder.
6. Environmental protection: flue gas desulfurization, disposal of black liquor and wastewater of pharmaceutical factories.
7. Others: fishmeal waste, feed, etc.

Technical Parameter:
Structural Style Integral Type
Inlet Temperature(℃) 110~220
Spray Quantity(ml/h) 300~600
Atomization Mode Two-fluid Nozzle
Drying Flow Co-current Flow
Voltage/Frequency/Phase 220V/50Hz (110V/60Hz)/2
Heating Mode Electric Heater
Max Power of Electric Heating(kw) 2
Pressure of Compressed Air(bar) 2~7
Flowrate of Compressed Air(L/min) 5~15
Overall Installed Power(kw) 2.5
Height of Equipment(mm) 1000
Area(mm×mm) 600×320


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