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Direct Heating - Rotary Dryer with In-built Disintegrator

Working Principle:
Based on the structure of a traditional rotary dryer, SD series of rotary dryers is equipped with a disintegrator inside the dryer, in this way the dryer can break the material as well as improve thermal efficiency. It can be applied to dry conglomerating, washy and sticky materials, pasty materials and even liquid materials. It is widely used in many fields, such as chemical industry, brewing, pharmaceutical industry, fertilizer production, etc.

1. Large drying capacity
2. continuous drying operation with high flexibility
3. because of pulverization of disintegrator, the dryer is characterized by high thermal efficiency

Material to be dried:
SD series dryer is widely used in the drying of wastes and materials processed by chemical industry, such as alcohol distilleries, pharmaceutical plants, sugar factories, vinegar factories, food processing plants and chicken farms. For example: wastes from beer, wine and alcohol production, antibiotic waste, chicken dung, sludge, red mud, granulated sugar, PVC, inorganic salt, complex fertilizers, cement material, clay, starch, organic powders, coal, ore, arenaceous quartz.

Technical Parameter:
Specification Water Evaporation Capacity (kg/h) Moisture (%) Coal (kg/kgH2o) Electricity (kwh/kgH2o) Equipment Size (m×m)
Initial Final
SD1600 360~720 ≤80 ≤13 0.2 0.05 2.2×8
SD1800 450~900 ≤80 ≤13 0.2 0.05 2.5×8
SD2400 800~1600 ≤80 ≤13 0.2 0.05 3.0×8
SD3000 1600~3300 ≤80 ≤13 0.2 0.05 3.6×10

Remark: 1, evaporation into the air temperature is ≥ 500 ° C, materials to moisture ≥ 45% of the recommended conditions.
2, production of materials in the early moisture is 70%, 13% moisture end, rated capacity to handle the calculated values.
3, The consumption of coal and electricity is counted under the rated value.

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