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Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. 150,000 t/y Lignite Upgrading & Briquetting Project

Tianli took the contract of 150,000 t/y lignite upgrading & briquetting demonstration project for Waigaoqiao Power Plant of Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. which is located in the coal storage yard of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Plant. This project was approved in 22nd June, 2011 by the China Power Investment Corporation superior to Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd., and the jobsite selection, geographic investigation and civil work were completed in the same year.

The main dryer and briquetting equipment have already been installed and we plan to get continuous test-drive in June 28, 2012.

The site covers an area about 4,000m2, mainly consisting of the dehydrating area, the briquetting area and the wastewater treatment area. Thanks to our international advanced lignite upgrading technology of multi-bed superheated steam fluidized bed with in-bed heat exchanger and high-pressure roll press technology without bond, this project can ensure a reliable production of high quality lignite briquettes.

The total annual output is designed to be 150,000 tons. In addition, the project is also an industrial demonstration platform for large-scale production (windows side by side) and process optimization of various lignite.

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