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Tianli's Fluidized Drying Device of Hot Tube Heat Exchanger win the honor of"National Key New Product"
      August 31th,2011,Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China showed the list of projects which were selected in the National New Product Program,Tianli company's "Fluidized Drying Device of Hot Tube Heat Exchanger" was on the list with great honor.
      Our new device use oscillation heat-pipe heat exchanger in fluidized drying system, recover the waste heat before discharge the high temperature end gas,warm up the air used in drying system with recoverd energy.The waste heat recovery ratio is more than 10%,thermal efficiency of the fluidized drying device is more than 80%.
      Compare with other heat exchanger,the oscillation heat-pipe heat exchanger has higher density of heat flow rate,smaller temperature difference,lighter weight,smaller volume,faster respond,more simple to installation and maintain,longer service life,etc.
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