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Demonstration Projects of GLW Fluidized Bed Dryer
No. Name Start-up date Material Capacity
1 Honeywell(Suzhou) CO., Ltd. 11-2001 Wax 600kg/h
2 Henan Anfei Glass Co., Ltd. 04-2002 silica 12.5t/h
3 Shandong Gaotang Chemical Industry Plant 11-2002 Choline chloride 400kg/h
4 Tianjin Changlu Hangu Salt Co., Ltd. 11-2002 Calcium chloride 25t/h
5 Shanxi Tianji Group 07-2003 potassium nitrate 2.5t/h
6 Shandong Jiujiu Group 07-2003 corn embryo 14t/h
7 Hebei Chengxin Co., Ltd. 09-2003 Benzoic acetic acid 1t/h
8 Guangzhou Chengyi Feed Co., Ltd. 09-2003 Soybean cake 2t/h
9 Shandong Baolaili Biology Engineering Co., Ltd. 11-2003 Fermented feed 1t/h
10 Qinghai Kunlun Magnesium Salt Co., Ltd. 03-2004 potassium chloride 4.5t/h
11 Zhejiang Shangyu Jiehua Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. 05-2004 Crystallized sodium borate 1.65t/h
12 Shanxi Tianji Group 05-2004 Crystallized potassium nitrate 2t/h
13 Hebei Chengxin Co., Ltd. 09-2004 Benzoic acetic acid <750kg/h
14 Nickel-metropolis Industrial Company 10-2004 Crystallized copper sulfate 2t/h
15 Hengyang Hailian Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. 11-2004 sodium bicarbonate 8t/h
16 Jinchuan Group 11-2004 Copper sulfate 2.5t/h
17 Dalian Xiangze Feed Co., Ltd. 12-2004 Fermented feed 500kg/h
18 Qingdao Shuangtao Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. 01-2005 di-aniline 500kg/h
19 Yunnan Smelting Plant 05-2005 Crystallized nickel sulfate 1t/h
20 Tianjin Haibona Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. 12-2005 Feed 1.5t/h
21 Binzhou Yatai Co., Ltd. 12-2005 Feed 1t/h
22 Xijie Bio-technology Co., Ltd. 04-2007 feed 1.5t/h
23 Hebei Chengxin Co., Ltd. 04-2007 Benzoic acetic acid 1.1t/h
24 Shanghai Rohm & hass Co., Ltd. 05-2007 Ion exchange resin  
25 Shanghai Rohm & hass Co., Ltd. 04-2007 crylic acid resin  
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