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Demonstration Projects of Direct Heating - Rotary Dryer with In-built Disintegrator
No. Name Start-up date Material Capacity
1 Jiaxiang Huaxing Biochemistry Co., Ltd. Oct., 2000 feed 2t/h
2 Fuzhou Antibiotics Group Co. Oct., 2002 antibiotic drug residue 750kg/h
3 Qinghai Chaidamu Salt Company May, 2003 Potassium chloride 5t/h
4 Qinghai Liyuan Chemical Industry Co. June, 2003 Potassium chloride 10t/h
5 Hebei Fanshan Phosphate Mine Co. Jul., 2003 Coarse Phosphate Fertilizer 1.5t/h
6 Fujian Fukang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Jul , 2004 antibiotic drug residu 1.6t/h
7 Wuxi The Second Pharmaceutical Co. Jan., 2006 antibiotic drug residue 1.5t/h
8 Qinghai Mangya Potash Salt Industry Co. Mar., 2008 Potassium chloride 25/h
9 Magang(Group) Holding Co., Ltd.   sludge 15t/h
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