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Demonstration Projects of Pneumatic Dryer
No. Name Start-up date Material Capacity
1 Jinan Runfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. 01-2001 melamine 334kg/h
2 Shengli Oil Field Beixing Chemical Co., Ltd. 01-2001 Oil additive 150kg/h
3 Jiangsu Xinhe Agrochemical Co., Ltd. 05-2001 Iso-C6H4(CH2CN)2 500kg/h
4 Heshui Yiheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 09-2001 aminopyrine 125kg/h
5 Hebi Auxiliary Additive Plant 12-2001 DM 300kg/h
6 Henan Hebi Auxiliary Additive Co., Ltd. 09-2002 DM 300kg/h
7 Jiangxi Lanxin Chemical Industry Plant 09-2003 PVC 850kg/h
8 Hebi Auxiliary Additive Plant 01-2004 CBS 300kg/h
9 China Aluminum Group 08-2004 aluminium hydroxide 4.5t/h
10 Jinan Daji Feed Co., Ltd. 11-2004 Synthetic biotin 200kg/h
11 Shjijiazhuang Jack Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. 06-2005 EDTA 1t/h
12 Jinan Shengquan Group 09-2005 furfural residue 1t/h
13 Guangdong Dayuan Regeneration Co., Ltd. 10-2006 wood bits 3t/h
14 Guangdong Dayuan Regeneration Co., Ltd. 08-2006 Wood bits 5t/h
15 Qingdao Haijing Chemical Group 06-2006 CPE 1.5t/h
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