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Demonstration Projects of Large-scale Spin Flash Dryer
No. Name Start-up date Material Capacity
1 Shandong Zibo Zhili Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. 11-2000 Molecular sieve 400kg/h
2 Daqing Oil Field Hengmao Co. 11-2000 4A zeolite 200kg/h
3 Qinghai Geermu Potassium Magnesium Plant 01-2001 magnesium hydroxide 300kg/h
4 Nanfeng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. 08-2001 magnesium hydroxide 150kg/h
5 SINOPEC Changling Co. 09-2002 Gel powder 150kg/h
6 Shandong Aluminum Corporation 05-2003 NAY zeolite 500kg/h
7 Hebei Nangong Sitong Rubber Co., Ltd. 10-2003 TMTD 300kg/h
8 Private-run business owners from Hebi City, Henan Province 09-2003 TMTD 120kg/h
9 Qingdao Shuangtao Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. 05-2004 Neutral black 250kg/h
10 Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. 10-2004 cobalt carbonate 500kg/h
11 PetroChina Qingjiang Petro-chemical Co., Ltd. 11-2005 Binary acid 85kg/h
12 Qingdao Shuangtao Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. 12-2005 Neutral black 250kg/h
13 Shandong Aluminum Corporation 11-2005 pseudo-boehmite 1t/h
14 Liaoning Jinding Magnesium Mining Group 01-2006 magnesium carbonate 300kg/h
15 Shandong Wudi Haixing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. 06-2005 Titanium dioxide 500kg/h
16 Shandong Aluminum Corporation 10-2005 alumina 2t/h
17 Beijing Protecall General Equipment Co., Ltd. 03-2007 CBS 140kg/h
18 Qingdao Shuangtao Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. 07-2007 dye 208kg/h
19 Qingdao Shuangtao Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. 08-2007 dye 1.5t/h
20 Hubei Saiyin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. 03-2008 Carrier for sorbent 500kg/h
21 Ningbo Zhenyang New Material Co., Ltd May. 2010 30,000t/y
22 Tianjin Changlu Hangu Salt Plant Dec. 2010 Salt
23 CSPC Weisheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Apr. 2010
24 Shandong Brother Technology Co., Ltd Jul. 2011
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