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Sludge drying

    About Multi-stage Drying Process of Sludge with Superheated Steam:
    Wet sludge is pumped into the primary dryer by sludge pump. Half-dried sludge is fed into the secondary dryer by the discharge valve. After that, the dehydrated sludge enters the incinerator for further disposal. The removed solid waste will be dumped. Steam out of the boiler is the heat source for the secondary dryer, from which the overheated steam can work as the heat source of the primary dryer when it is purified. Steam and Off-gas from the primary dryer pass separately through the scrubber for condensation.
    About Process Description of Sludge Directly Drying System:
    Wet sludge (60-80%) is fed into dryer though screw conveyer,under the function of disintegrator and liftout plate, wet sludge is disintegrated and mixed well with hot gas. Two-stage drying system is applied to obtain the desired moisture content of dry product below 10%. In the process of dehydration, along with rotation of dryer, the sludge is kept moving toward the outlet and discharged from it.
    About Process Description of Sludge Indirect Drying System:
    The sludge is fed into the dryer after preprocessing. The dried sludge is discharged for the product outlet. Exhaust (with little powder) enters into the cyclone. After further dedusting in wet scrubber, the exhaust can satisfy the environmental requirement.
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