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Steam Rotary Dryer for Drying Copper Concentrate

1 Process Description
  The steam rotary dryer for drying the copper concentrate is a rotating drum in which 9 circular heating pipes are concentrically arranged. The heating pipes are of stainless steel, consisting of two header pipes and small distribution tubes welded vertically on the header pipes in trapezoid shape. The heating pipes are divided into five sections and every set of element can be taken out as a whole for repair and maintenance. Taking out the pipe element is handy: just loose the connecting bolts and you needn’t cut off the pipes.

  2.0MPa saturated steam from the battery limit is decompressed by the regulating valve and enters the heating pipes of the dryer. At the same time, the wet concentrate is fed by the belt conveyer into the dryer drum. Along with the rotation, the concentrate is lifted, spread around, making heat transfer by means of convection, conduction and radiation. Since the drum is tilted and the concentrate being dried is to move from the feed end toward the discharge end and exit from the discharging valve. At the end of dryer there is a regulating plate for adjusting the filling degree in terms of inclination of drum, rotation speed, resident time of concentrate, filling degree and production capacity. The moisture removed is carried by the carrier gas and vented out of the dryer by the air draft fan. The pulsed bag house filter collects the fine powder carried in the air, which is discharged from the discharging screw under the bag house and the valve. The clean carrier air is vented to the atmosphere. During the drying process, the steam gives off heat and converts into the condensate, which builds up in the air pocket and is discharged out of the dryer by siphon tube and finally enters the condensate collecting system by the steam trap.
2 Description of Mechanical Components
2.1 General

  The steam rotary dryer is an indirect drying equipment which is able to run continuously. It consists of a slowly rotating drum and the distributing pipes inside. The drum is tilted for convenience of discharging. The wet concentrate is fed into the dryer from the higher end and discharged from the lower end.
  The steam rotary dryer with circular pipes is a new generation of drying equipment, particularly applied in drying tough materials. The heating pipes are concentrically arranged inside of the drum, rotating simultaneously with the drum, which can reduce the abrasion between the material and the pipes. Besides, each pipe element can be taken out for repair separately. The pipes and the shell are of stainless steel, which can prevent the corrosion and abrasion. 
  Thanks to its unique design in the circular heating pipes, this dryer is not only resistant against abrasion but it is also compact in size, which greatly shortens the length of the drum while improves the heat transfer performance.

2.2 Components
2.2.1 Drum
  As the critical part of the dryer, the size of drum determines the production capacity of the dryer. The drum shell is made of steel strong enough against impact. Due to the large number of distribution tubes inside of the drum, this dryer has a large heat-transfer area and high thermal efficiency. The drum is compact in size and easy to install and repair. Besides, it is energy-efficient with small power and size.

2.2.2 Heating Element
  The heating pipe package is a welded pipe construction consisting of circular pipe elements, which enlarges the heat transfer area and the filling rate. By this unique design sufficient heat transfer between the steam and the material can be ensured and the dryer performance can be improved.
  The pipe supporting frame is tightly welded on the shell of the drum. These supports are connected by fit bolts. Each pipe element can be taken apart separately from the feed end for repair and maintenance.
  The heating airflow moves co-currently with the material, which can reduce the abrasion.

2.2.3 Drive Unit
      The dryer is powered by the drive unit including a main transmission braking system. The braking system is used to locate the drum in any position when the machine is shut down for repair.

  • 2.3 Strengths
    ------ Simple in mechanical structure
    ------ Many distribution pipes can ensure a larger heat exchanging area, improving the thermal efficiency.
    ------ The heating pipe element is easily taken out for repair and
    ------ The heating airflow moves co-currently with the material, which can reduce the abrasion.
    ------ Small installed power and small in size.
    ------ Small degree of installation inclination, low rotating speed and smooth running.
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