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Fluidized-bed Drying System of Concentrate Fines

Applied Materials:
Copper concentrate fines, nickel concentrate fines, high-titanium slag, lead-zinc concentrate fines, titanium-iron ore and zinc concentrate fines.

Summary of Project:
Our company contracts design and construction of complete set production line for drying mineral concentrate fines. This process involves the following procedures: the wet concentrate fines is fed through the belt conveyer onto the vibro-fluidized bed. The feed stock jumps on the bed while the hot flue gas generated from the blast furnace is blown from the bed bottom to keep the material at the fluidized state so as to achieve an ideal dehydration performance. The air cools down through the blower into the heat exchanger to lower down the temperature of dried product. The exhaust gas is vented to the atmosphere after dust removal by the bag filter.

1. The hot air is in thorough contact to the material, thus the thermal efficiency is high and it is energy-saving.
2. Fluidization is homogeneous and steady without any dead point. The thickness of bed layers and residence time can be adjustable.
3. Easy in repair and maintenance. Steady in operation. Long in service life.
4. The equipment is compact, small in size and low in investment.
5. This system can effectively avoid problems of agglomeration and shell adhesion.

Process Flow Diagram:
Major Units:
Blast furnace, high-temperature fluidized bed.
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