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Antibiotic Residue

Considering that the antibiotic fungi contains a great number of cellar water, which requires a slow dehydration speed and low drying temperature, we have designed and developed a new-generation dryer, which is capable of simultaneously completing granulation in the first-stage of drying at a constant speed and achieving high-quality product in the second-stage of drying at a reduced speed by means of fluidization technique. Drying, cooling and screening process can be conducted at the same time.
This new generation rotary dryer has an internal disintegrating mechanism (and a self-cleaning mechanism if possible ), which can grind and granulate the wet stock for increasing its surface area and improving the strength of volume evaporation. This type of dryer makes it possible to strictly control the drying process in the constant speed stage and greatly increase the air inlet temperature to 800-1000℃ while keep the temperature of the wet stock nearly at the wet bulb temperature so as to ensure the quality of product.
The disintegrating mechanism followed the best example of western advanced technology. Compared to other equipment locally made it has greatly improved in characteristics and range of operation with an ideal performance of granulation.
The utilization of off-gas from the first-stage drying and technique of fluidization can ensure the residence time of product and an appropriate drying temperature to meet the drying process requirements in reduced-speed stage so as to manufacture the good quality product. Moreover, cooling and screening process can be fulfilled at the same time in the secondary-stage dryer. Product with temperature below 50℃ can be packaged immediately, which greatly improves the labor efficiency and reduces the investment in equipment and civil construction.
The heat comes from the high-temperature coal-fired flue-gas kiln, which can provide 800-1000℃ of clean flue gas and totally meet the environment requirement. Besides, compared to blast stove and steam heat-exchanger, it has a higher thermo-utilization rate. The venting temperature is only 110℃ and the thermo-utilization rate can reach 80~85%.
The granularity of product is uniform, between 05mm to 2mm.
The protein content of product can be increased by 2 to 3 percentage, compared to that by means of air-drying.
The moisture content can be immediately reduced to less than 10% from 80%.
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