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Fuel Ethanol Project

  With cassava or molasses as the raw material, hydrous or anhydrous ethanol is produced by an advanced and developed technology. The proposed project comprises of three sections: ethanol production workshop, WW treatment workshop and utility section.
  The continuous liquefaction and saccharification process greatly improves the quality, quantity and yield of ethanol. Compared with the conventional cooking process, steam consumption is greatly reduced by around 40%. By using the latent heat recovery technology 500-600kg fresh steam can be saved out of per ton ethanol. The biogas produced from the cassava WW treatment is used for power generation. With the evaporation-concentration technology of WW from molasses alcohol, the WW will be concentrated in the evaporator and then enters the boiler to combust for heat recovery. When corn is used, high-quality protein feed is produced in DDGS unit.
  WW emission standard: designed according to local emission standards. Off-gas treatment and discharge: After desulfurization and heat recovery, the off-gas will be discharged according to local emission regulations. Solid waste: They can substitute coal for heating the boiler, which can greatly reduce the consumption of coal.
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