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De-Gossypolled Cottonseed Protein

Shandong Tianli Guoxin Plant Essence Extraction Engineering Center is an enterprise specializing in technology R&D, equipment manufacture, construction & promotion of big-scaled projects. By making full use of R&D strength of SDAS (Shandong Academy of Sciences) and professional skills of SGII (Shandong Guoxin Industry Inc.) in field of plant extraction, Center has successfully developed the extraction techniques for De-Gossypolled Cottonseed Protein at low temperature, plant oil and natural pigment. Moreover, its patented technique of “extraction method for De-Gossypolled Cottonseed Protein at low temperature” has been successfully applied in innovated or newly-built plants of cottonseed processing with its simple process flow, small area occupation, low investment, low operation costs, good quality and strong competitiveness.
Domestically, Center has several production lines of low-temperature De-Gossypolled Cottonseed Protein with capacity of 150 T/D, 300T/D and fully-equipped pilot base and experts experienced in project design, construction and production management. According to the owner’s requirements, we can offer various services including being the EPC contractor, involvement in plant construction and responsible for product sales in a variety of ways of cooperation such as being the member of share holders, or making detailed training plan for organizing owner’s operators and technicians to have the onsite training, or providing real-time instruction and consultation in process, equipment and automation control during the trail run of the plant. Meanwhile, we can cooperate with the owner in the fields of marketing, promotion and export of products by using our sales network and rich sales experience in this respect.
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