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North America
With the establishment of Tianli North America Company in 2007, Tianli made the first stride into the company’s globalization. In 2008, Tianli started the cooperation with Westmill Industries Ltd., Lambton Machinery Ltd. and UAS in Canada to expand the market of drying equipment in North America further.
Tianli has signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Monash University on food product spray drying and freeze concentration technology and started the cooperation with Pinches Company on superheated steam drying technology in 2007.
As a result of the agreement signed in 1999 (for a period of five years), Technical University of Lodz, Poland and Shandong Tianli Inc., China have established a long-term and stable cooperation in scientific and academic exchange. In 2007, two parties signed another five year cooperation agreement, Technical University of Lodz will provide the convenience for Tianli's marketing expansion in EU. In May 2009, Tianli has signed the Letter of Intend with OMNIKON s-ka z o.o. Poland and Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of National Academy of sciences Ukraine.
Southeast Asia
The collaboration between Tianli and PT SIERAD PRODUCE Tbk. started from the midsummer of 2008. PT SIERAD PRODUCE Tbk. has exclusive authority for the business of Tianli in Indonesia relating to the energy conservation technology and drying equipment. We also have one engineering agency in Jakarta.
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