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Shandong Tianli Drying Technology and Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in October 1994 with the joint effort of Shandong Academy of Sciences (SDAS) and Energy Research Institute attached to SDAS . In the same year it was approved to be Shandong Energy-saving Drying Technology Center and new high-tech enterprise by the Shandong Provincial Committee of Scientific Research. Now the company is the Directing Unit of Drying Branch of China General Machinery Association and the Work Station of the China Drying Expert Group of Specialized Committee on Chemical Engineering of Chemical Industry Engineering Society, who is responsible for organizing nation-wide drying academic activities. Tianli has been doing its best to boost the development of China drying industry.

Tianli Company comprises of six departments: international business center, research institute, design institute, industrial park, domestic business center and administration center.

The company has undertaken more than 1800 projects in chemical, petrochemical, building material, environmental protection, metallurgy and power generation industries and gains abundant experience which is the treasure of company. Tremendous accomplishments are reflected in good cooperation with Grenzebach Company, Akzo Nobel Company, Samsung Group and Rohm & Haas Company, and also reflected in 58 authorized patents, 40 research projects undertaken at provincial levels, two national “863” plan projects, one national “11th five-year-plan” project, etc.
The company has set up China’s largest drying laboratory, which boasts varieties of experimental drying facilities. This lab is able to conduct pilot scale drying tests on relevant materials for clients, to provide reliable reference for selection of drying equipment type, systematic optimal design and testing so as to improve the company’s innovation capability.

Tianli Company has two manufacturing subsidiaries – Shandong Tianli Industrial Park and Shandong Tianli Dalian Chemical Machinery Manufacturing Company, with whom Tianli is capable of processing and manufacturing all kinds of relevant drying equipment and qualified for ARI pressure vessel production.

Today, facing up to the rapid development of high-tech industry and international competition, Tianli is creating an open, cooperative environment and an international organizing system with formidable technical superiority and manufacturing capacity. With advanced R&D support on large-scale energy conservation drying equipment, we are not only the best manufacturer of advanced drying equipment in China, but also an ambitious global provider of the most innovative technology and the most professional engineering service.

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