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Refined Adipic Acid Drying System

Process Description
The wet material enters into the mixer from the centrifuge and mixes with the recycling product. Then the mixed material enters into the fluidized bed dryer. At the same time, the hot air enters into the air chamber at the bottom of the fluidized bed. The material fluidized by the hot air and     dried by the in-bed heat exchanger. The dried material enters into the cooling section. The qualified products are discharged from the outgate, then enters into the pneumatic conveying system, metered and packed in the fluidization storage bin. Part products are discharged from the bottom of the fluidized section. These products are returned to the mixer and mixed with the wet material. The exhaust is discharged into the atmosphere by draught fan after first-stage purification by the cyclone and second-stage purification by wet scrubber. The powder separated by cyclone enters into the pneumatic conveyer through rotary discharge valve. The adipic acid solution discharged from the wet scrubber returns to the crystallizer in forward process.

Characteristics of the system
The dryer adopts fluidized bed with in-bed heat exchanger, the drying effect is good with long drying time.
The fluidization speed is low. The exhaust carries little powder.
Mixing and conveying are completed in the mixer with two-axis, so the difficult problem in the conveying of wet refined adipic acid.
The bed is small, the equipment size is small, so the equipment occupies small area.
It adopts nitrogen closed cycle dense-phase pneumatic conveying, the conveying distance is long.
The pulsed fluidization storage bin with good material fluidity avoids agglomeration and solved the storage problem before packing.

Characteristics of the Fluidized Bed Dryer/cooler with In-bed Heat Exchanger
Using sight glass to supervise the whole process.
There are inspecting hole on the top, middle and bottom of the fluidized bed, so it is easy to inspect, clean and repair.
Set inspecting point and sampling point on the fluidized bed, efficiently inspect and control the temperature and pressure.
The special designed air distributor avoids material leaking.
The in-bed heat exchanger is easy to tear-down and install.
In separating section of fluidized bed, we use steam pipe to increase the temperature of the wall, so as to prevent humidity condensation.
Adopt self-controlled technology, efficiently controls the bed temperature and guarantees the quality of product.
The equipment has explosion-proof and anti-static measure.
The design fully considers the water sealing and discharging in equipment cleaning.
Process Flow Diagram
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