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Zeolite Drying System

Drying unit is the last stage for producing powder of 4A zeolite (Na2O·Al2O3·2SiO2·4.5H2O). The drying mechanism, system parameters and operational process have an important effect on product quality and cost of zeolite.
The spin flash dryer mainly comprises the drying unit of zeolite production.

Introduction about the spin flash dryer:
The spin flash dryer is especially applied in dealing with caky or pasty materials. it is featured by adaptability, efficiency and reliability. Since the late 80s of last century, it has widely used in drying of dyes and its intermediates. Compared with the traditional technique such as the one of oven, bakery or spin dryer, which will obtain powder products by drying and disintegrating, this equipment greatly simplifies the process flow with high-level automation, good-quality, low production cost and improved operational environment, thus significantly enhancing China’s drying technology for caky or pasty materials.
GSX series of spin flash dryer is developed by Tianli company for drying caky or pasty materials. Based on specific modals and experimental data, our company made improvement on traditional flash dryer from aspect of intake system, inner mechanism and conveying system. It has been well received in market at home.
The caky zeolite is fed into the spin flash dryer by measuring feeder. The powder product can be achieved instantly by cyclone flow and speedy scissor force of agitating blades. The final standard product will collected by the bag filter.
1.The wet materials needn’t to be diluted during feeding, which greatly reduces the energy consumption.
2.It combines process of dehydration and disintegration, effectively achieving powder products out of slurry, pasty or caky materials.
3.Shorter time of heat & mass transfer, which is adaptable to drying of many kinds of material.
4.Intensive dehydration and high efficiency with compact size.
5.Well-designed mechanism. The mechanical agitating structure is a perfect solution to sealing, cooling and greasing. The unique blade design and its attaching to the column body is easy to accessible for installation and maintenance.
6.The parameters such as the agitating speed, angle, air velocity in wind distribution room and pressure are optimized, which can secure a stable operation and prevent from adhesion and leakage.
7.The drying column: a drainage is designed at the circular gap near the cone. The jacket cooler is not required for mixing room. Manhole is accessible.
8.Spin blades: easy to replace with more than one year of service life.
9.The following measures are taken to ensure the fabrication quality of equipment:
    • (a) The body, hot air distributor, cone and set are well matched by locating block and two pins or setting bolts for relocation after maintenance.
    • (b) Two ends of the blade are well aligned.
    • (c) The gap between sections is sealed by insulation asbestos board and all flanges are mechanically processed.

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4A zeolite
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Process Flow Diagram:
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