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Potassium Salt Drying System

Fluidized Bed Dryer
The potassium salt crystal granule is further dehydrated after mechanical dehydration. This equipment is mainly designed for middle and small scale potassium salt drying. The lowest final moisture content can reach 0.1%. Fixed fluidized bed dryer is used in this system.

Characteristics of Fluidized Bed Dryer
Fluidity of the bed facilitates continuous and easy equipment performance (servicing, maintenance) even on very large-scale plants.
Compact design, lack of moving parts.
Special air distributor to prevent material leakage and guarantee good fluidization.
Drying and cooling are completed in one combined fluidized bed dryer. The equipment with high thermal efficiency occupies small area and meets the requirement of highly automated operation.
Two-stage dust collection system (cyclone and wet scrubber) satisfies environmental protection requirements.

Rotary Dryer
After many years research, Tianli has developed specialized drying equipment for potassium salt. Our company has supplied potassium chloride and potassium sulfate drying systems for many companies since 1991. According to the different characteristics of material, we specially designed the high efficiency and energy saving drying equipment. These equipments win good reputation.

Characteristics of Rotary Dryer
Large handling capacity, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency.
Easy to operate and overhaul.
The liftout plate in the rotary drum can efficiently avoid material breakage and agglomeration, improve the material filling rate.
Two-stage dust collection system (cyclone and bag filter) with high dedusting efficiency.
The high temperature flue gas dust collector improves the purity of flue gas.

Process Flow Diagram

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