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Steam Rotary Drying System of Concentrate Fines

Applied Materials:
Copper concentrate fines, nickel concentrate fines, lead concentrate fines and zinc concentrate fines

Summary of Project:
Our company contracts design and construction of complete set production line for mineral concentrate fines. This process involves the following procedures: the wet material is fed via the screw conveyer into the large scale steam rotary dryer. Along with the movement of the dryer, the material moves toward the discharging end by inclination and gravity. The dry product is discharged out of dryer through the rotating valve. The dry air, functioning as the carrier gas, is blown through the air inlet and vented from the air outlet.

1. The use of DCS controlling system can realize automatic control on process parameters through monitoring, alarming, and interlocking.
2. Large heat transfer area. High thermal efficiency. The thermal efficiency can reach 80%~90%.
3. Capable of handle large amount of material and suitable for continuous operation.
4. Low temperature for drying. Easy in operation.       
5. The carrier gas is small in consumption, only functioning as the moisture carrier. The dust removal system is simple in structure.

Process Flow Diagram:

Major Units:
Steam rotary dryer
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