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Multi-stage Pre-drying Process of Lignite with Superheated Steam

Upgraded Technology – Super-heated Steam Internal Heating Fluidized-bed

In 2004 super-heated steam internal heating fluidized-bed technology started to be applied in 200,000t/y sodium bicarbonate calcinations project of SDHH (Shandong Haihua Corp.) in Shandong Province. This technology was innovated by Shandong Tianli Drying Technology and Equipment Co., Ltd. and four sets of this drying equipment have been successfully promoted in market today. By using this technology, parameters for lignite production can be precisely determined, so it is highly efficient in improving performance of lignite dehydration. As an upgraded technology originated by Shandong Tianli, it has been applied for a paten both at home and abroad. Super-heated steam internal heating fluidized-bed is of great benefit to high-quality production of lignite drying and energy conservation.

It can be widely used in a variety of industrial fields.

Upgraded Technology _ Internal Heating Fluidized-bed

Internal heating fluidized-bed is a new generation drying equipment developed on the conventional fluidized-bed and indirect heating dryer. It has a pipe or plate heat-exchanger immersed in process material in fluidized form. The internally-equipped heat-exchanger with heating /cooling medium provides the heat needed for material dehydration so that it can meet the requirement of material fluidization at a smaller velocity. The medium for fluidization carries moisture to maintain the normal fluidization between particles in the bed layers. The drying/cooling process involves heat and mass transfer between the internally-equipped heat-exchanger and two-phase flows as well as two-phase flows with each other.

  • · Reduction in heat loss. The drying efficiency can reach over 82%.
  • · Safe and reliable operation. Super-heated steam is closely recycled in an inert gas (oxygen free).
  • · The off-gas of super-heated steam can be re-used in system and it’s energy-saving.
  • · The moisture removed from the lignite can be collected and re-used, which can save a lot of water.
  • · Emission of carbon dioxide can be greatly reduced, which can gain support from CDM.  
  • · The technology for large scale equipment is mature and the processing capacity of single unit is large. The equipment investment is low.

Demonstration Projects
  • · Tangshan Sanyou Soda Ash Co., Ltd   200,000t/y Soda Ash Light, One Set
  • · Shandong Haihua Co., Ltd 150,000t/y Soda Ash Light, One Set
  • · Shandong Haihua Co., Ltd 400,000t/y Soda Ash Light, Two Sets
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